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Effortless path to purchase

A connected digital experience across all devices and channels, Pegasys guides your customers from browsing, to buying and into long-term brand loyalty.

This effortless pathway to a personalised digital experience, which leads you to increased revenue, starts here and now.

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Create your experience on any device, any channel, anytime

Your customers are a generation on-the-go. They find inspiration, connect with communities and do their shopping online. Devices and channels are subordinate enablers of their digital behaviour. Pegasys ensures a native adaptive design across channels and devices. Its responsive theme engine saves you time and promises your customers an omni-channel experience.

  • Responsive theme engine.
  • Native and adaptive design.
  • Instant content updates across devices.

Speed up your website

Did you know that one out of two customers abandons a website after just four seconds of loading time? Think about what this means for your customer journey.

So, don’t let your customers wait for your site to finish loading, but ensure a smooth and swift shopping experience with Pegasys. Not even mentioning that faster websites also enjoy higher placement in search results.

Develop e-commerce website

Lead the way

By creating intuitive categories, you allow your customers to easily navigate through your pages to their desired items. Help potential buyers to find relevant products and offers by using categories such as search, product clusters, look books, and catalogues. Put keywords, facets and specifications to good use and help your customers find what they want to purchase, faster.

  • Personalise your search results.
  • Tuning provides optimal search results.
  • Feature-based filtering for increased relevance.
  • Flexible content and personalised URL path.

Customise commercial offers

Pegasys assures the most advanced promotion mechanism, which greets your customers upon login with custom offers and promotions.Differentiate between first-time and loyal customers by offering tailor-made promotion combinations to build and expand your loyal customer base.

  • Product promotions.
  • Behaviour based promotions.
  • Target specific customer segments.
  • Unlimited discount types.

Facilitate the purchasing process

Nothing is more annoying than losing your customer at the most decisive shopping phase: the check-out. Pegasys eases the online transaction with a fluid shopping bag and a one-page checkout; to reduce distractions and direct your customer to complete their order. Your clientele is swayed by a smooth and straightforward checkout experience.

  • Custom shopping bag experiences based on behaviour.
  • Commercial triggers at the final purchase stage.
  • Persistent, omnichannel shopping bags.
  • Third-party payment options.
  • Registered and guest checkout options.

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